3D product renders

Insite’s skilled 3D artists collaborate with our professional photographers to generate photo-realistic product images.

3D rendering through a photographer’s eye

Insite’s professional photographic experience enables us to apply traditional principles; camera, lens, mood and light to 3D rendering. The result is photo-realistic product imagery.

Beautiful white background images show your products’ true colours. Make them explorable from every angle with exploded views, feature closeups and explainer images to build your customers’ trust and drive sales.

Sustainable and flexible, there’s no longer a need to ship products to studios. All we need is a 3D CAD file to make your vision a reality.

BeefEater 7000 BBQ

Moving BeefEater from photography to CGI was challenging, but now the brand is really cooking with gas!

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AEG Rangehoods

These sleek, matte black rangehoods from AEG bring a breath of fresh air to a competitive category.

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We answer your questions

  • What is a 3D product render?

    3D product render refers to the process of creating a 2D image from a three-dimensional model, sometimes referred to as a CAD (computer aided design).
    For marketing and advertising purposes 3d renders need to be photorealistic.
    However in our experience photorealistic is a fairly loose term. Creating truly photorealistic images requires the knowledge and skills of not only an amazing 3d artist, but the experienced eye and attention to detail of a professional photographer.

  • What do I need to make 3d product renders

    You may have heard your product development team speak about CAD files. Almost all products are designed and manufactured using a CAD (Computer Aided Design).
    We start with your CAD file and by applying materials, colours and textures the CAD starts to look like the real product. Finally we put it into our studio, apply lighting and camera settings before rendering beautiful images of your product.

  • How much does a 3D product render cost?

    The cost of 3D product renders can vary greatly. Depending on the specific needs of the imagery, a cost effective product visualization may be all that is required. Alternatively if the aim is replace professional photography and create high-quality imagery that will drive conversion across your sales channel, then a budget similar to a professional photo-shoot is a good guide.

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