3D render and eCommerce – the beginning of a beautiful friendship

3D Render and eCommerce - the beginning of a beautiful friendship

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3D Render and eCommerce - the beginning of a beautiful friendship

The eCommerce industry is bustling.  Thanks to platforms like Shopify and Magneto, businesses of all sizes are growing and scaling via online shopping ecosystems. 

But not all online shops are created equal. In fact, the latest research shows we can trace a direct line between the quality of product imagery and sales.  

More specifically, brands that invest in 3D product imagery are being rewarded with greater business success.   

Here’s why.

Elevated shopping experience

Giving your product the 3D treatment offers a level of immersion that traditional photography cannot provide. Customers can now get a full 360 view (inside and out) of your product, which means a more lifelike shopping experience. It’s the next best thing to being in-store, minus the hassle of finding a parking spot.

Increased engagement

Those using traditional photographic product images are losing eyeballs. Research shows that allowing the customer to interact with a 3D version of a product boosts engagement from at least 32% to 50%.

More detail, less returns

Too often, relying on traditional product images doesn’t provide customers with a complete understanding of your product, which can result in high levels of costly returns due to unmet expectations. With 3D render, 360 spin and 3D animations, the customer has a far more complete idea of what will end up on their doorstep. Research shows that this drastically reduces return rates.   Rise above the noise

Let’s face it, a bustling industry is an overcrowded industry. 3D product imagery sets your business apart, planting a forward-thinking flag in the mind of modern shoppers, who are far more likely to return to a dynamic, tech-rich CX.

Conversion surge

Product visuals are major drivers of online CVR (conversion rates). Many businesses have reported significant spikes in CVR after implementing 3D product imagery , as the lifelike immersion removes common barriers to purchase such as indecision. Recent research from Shopify revealed a 90% average conversion lift from 3D content.

Content flexibility

After you’ve created a 3D model of your product, it becomes hyper-customisable. You can insert it into a range of content forms such as animated video, virtual tours, and social posts.



Upselling point

And while we’re on that topic – you can also make certain features in your product clickable and hyperlinked, introducing you to customisation options, add-on purchases, or even complimentary products. Resulting in 3D product imagery consistently boosting AOV (average order value).

Sharing is caring

The social-spheres of Instagram and Pinterest encourage the sharing of engaging and inspirational content. CGI and 3D render offer the ability to create aspirational content that your customers will love to share, building brand loyalty.

No longer the next big thing, CGI is already e-comms best friend.

Gone are the days of junkmail catalogues and bland brochures. Your products deserve better, and your customers not only crave more, they expect it. The customer experience is now king, and the truth of the matter is that static product images alone no longer cut it.

By the same token, when CGI is not executed well, the results can be underwhelming.
It is important to choose an agency with a photographic background to ensure that your imagery is truly photorealistic.

Insite Imagery has over 20 years’ experience in the photographic industry and everything we do is underpinned by real world lighting and camera techniques. This experience ensures that all our client’s imagery is just like photography, only better.

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