Lifestyle product renders

Insite harnesses real-life photographic skills to create aspirational, and photorealistic lifestyle imagery.

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Bring your customers’ dreams to life with 3D lifestyle rendering

Lifestyle and in situ images are a key part of a successful product launch.

3d render provides limitless opportunities to bring your campaign vision to life.

Insite approach lifestyle render projects in the same way we approach photographic shoots.

Two decades of real-world experience gives our team of interior designers, stylists, and photographers, the know-how and skills to create evocative lifestyle imagery.

Working with you, we design and build sets, source the right location, and consider the best time of day for each ‘shoot’.

Our stylists set the scene with curated props and furniture, while our photographic team set up cameras and lighting. Finally, our 3D artists seamlessly integrate your products as the hero of the image.

If “emotion is a necessary ingredient in almost all decisions” *, why not bring your customers’ dreams to life with photo-realistic, 3D lifestyle rendering.


*Antonio Damasio
Chair, Neuroscience, Professor of Psychology, Philosophy, and Neurology,
University of Southern California



We answer your questions

  • What is a 3D product render?

    3D product render refers to the process of creating a 2D image from a three-dimensional model, sometimes referred to as a CAD (computer aided design).
    For marketing and advertising purposes 3d renders need to be photorealistic.
    However in our experience photorealistic is a fairly loose term. Creating truly photorealistic images requires the knowledge and skills of not only an amazing 3d artist, but the experienced eye and attention to detail of a professional photographer

  • What is difference between 3D modeling and 3D rendering?

    3D modelling is the process of creating a 3D object using specialized software. It is like a wireframe of your product. 3D rendering is the process of taking this wireframe, adding materials, colours and textures and creating a 2D image or video.

  • How much does a 3D product render cost?

    The cost of 3D product renders can vary greatly. Depending on the specific needs of the imagery, a cost effective product visualization may be all that is required. Alternatively if the aim is replace professional photography and create high-quality imagery that will drive sales across your sales channel, then a budget similar to a professional photo-shoot is a good guide.