Product Imagery Remodelled: Why Leading Brands Are Switching To CGI.

Product Imagery Remodelled: Why Leading Brands Are Switching To CGI.

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Product Imagery Remodelled: Why Leading Brands Are Switching To CGI.

Hear that buzz?  

It’s excitement growing on the front lines of the CGI product photography revolution.  

More and more e-commerce companies are relishing the many benefits of using computer-generated imagery to promote, market and sell their products.  

Here are ten of them. 

Complete consistency  
Free from the physical constraints and curveballs of traditional photography, your 3D, photorealistic product imagery will look exactly how you want it to look, every single time. 

Bang for your buck 
Once initial product imagery assets are created, they can be reused for a fraction of the cost of traditional photography. No need to arrange or book a follow-up shoot. This means lightning-fast concept-to-content and speed-to-market. 

Logistical dream  
No longer will you need to rely on photographic equipment, sets, lighting, environments or people and product wrangling. You gain and maintain complete control. 

Goodbye clockwatching 
Liberated from the earth’s position in relation to the sun, you can create visual content 24/7 – day, night, dawn, or dusk.  

Flexibility boom 
Unleash your imagination by manipulating your product in any way and placing it within any world or environment you can dream up.  

Total Immersion 
Thanks to the interactive potential of virtual and augmented reality (VR / AR), customers can get around and inside your product in ways traditional photography could never offer. 

Animation elation 
Make your product the protagonist in its own mini-film. It can dance, it can soar through the air, it can even fight crime. Whatever your heart’s desire.  

Marketing marvels 
Thanks to all of the above, the scope of what you can achieve with your marketing budget, pre or post launch, far exceeds that of traditional photography.  

Happier planet 
Deepen your sustainability efforts by reducing waste and carbon emissions associated with transportation, shipping, prototype creation and even product returns (as customers get to know the product far better prior to purchase).  

Big product? Big woop! 
Giving the virtual treatment to large-scale products that are a nightmare to ship to and from a studio allows them to come to life from anywhere. From a wristwatch to a tractor, the CGI process is the same.  

Cards on the table: the best CGI product photography is created with a deep respect for the integrity of your physical product, and you should only make the switch if you can barely notice the difference between a photo of your product and its 3D rendering.  

We understand that the switch to CGI can require a shift in mindset – and that can be daunting. But the switch is far easier when you have a CGI team founded on two decades of professional product photography on your side.  

Which is exactly what you get from Insite.   

To explore the possibilities, contact an Insite expert. 


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