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'3D Commerce’ under lights: what is it and why does it matter?

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'3D Commerce’ under lights: what is it and why does it matter?

If you sell your products online, chances are you’ve at least heard of the term 3D commerce.
Today we’re digging into what it is, why it matters, and how Aussie brands are using it to their advantage.

What is 3D commerce?

3D commerce is simply using 3D render and CGI (computer generated imagery) to generate content, rather than traditional photography.

Why does it matter?

1. It matters because, better quality and more engaging content keeps customers on your page longer, and ultimately increasing conversion.


“Shopify merchants who use 3D commerce experience an average 94% increase in conversions.”

2. CGI Offers more varied and dynamic content opportunities like interactive 360 spin, exploded views and explainer animations.

A recent Shopify case study showed that
“Shoppers were 44% more likely to add an item to their cart after interacting with it in 3D” (https://www.shopify.com/au/plus/customers/rebecca-minkoff)

3. Lifts engagement across social media and drives traffic to ecommerce sites. Brand such as Mini Cooper, Who is Elijah, Kiehl’s, Hismile, H&M, OUAI, Sephora, Sundays the label and many more have fully embraced 3D animation as a staple of their social media content. A quick scroll of their IG pages confirms the positive uptake of this innovative content style.

4. CGI is a more cost and time efficient solution than photography.


How Aussie brands are benefiting from 3D commerce

Sustainable pioneers Frank Green show how a single 3D model can be reused (or re-skinned) for product imagery, social media and omnichannel marketing.

Formerly lame shoe brand Crocs (Australia) are really pushing the 3D product envelope by creating compulsively watchable animated ads (including a limited-edition Shrek Croc that we swear we didn’t consider buying).

Skincare brand tbh recently used a 3D model for their new face jelly to create a cheeky reel for socials, and it received the highest engagement of any post over the last year.

Dental giants White Glo recently engaged Insite Imagery to help promote their new fruity flavour range by making a 3D model the star of its own boisterous animation

How can your brand take part in 3d ecommerce

Incorporating CGI is essential to staying relevant and ahead of your competitors.

Insite has been creating advertising imagery content for 20+ years and brings real world photography experience to the CGI world. Ensuring that your brands transition from photography to CGI is a smooth and risk free process.

Reach out today and have a chat with our team about how we can use CGI to elevate your brand visuals and increase sales.

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